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"Energy Supply" offers participation in stable balancing group consisting of over 300 companies.

Balancing group is a group of participants on the free market, both consumers and manufacturers which optimize their energy costs by netting their counter hourly deviations (imbalances) and therefor they reduce their overall deviation between the projected electricity consumption and reported from the funds commercially measured.

Energy Supply as coordinator of balancing group provides forecasting and takes responsibility for the total cost of its partners to the produce and consumed electricity.

The following balancing groups are currently statutory in the Bulgarian energy market:

  • Standard balancing group which is open to all producers and consumers involved in the free market
  • Combined balancing group- unites producers of electricity which is purchased at preferential prices. Our expectation is that with the development of the electricity market in Bulgaria we will reach unification of these types of groups and there for all of the market participants in the free market to have a logic cost of electricity, whether they are producers or consumers.
  • Special balancing group, is the one that includes only participants of the regulated market: as SLR (Supplier of Last Resort) and producers of electricity from renewable energy, cogeneration industries and others.