Take advantage of the free electrical market with Energy Supply!

Take advantage of the free energy market with "Energy Supply"

Since mid-2012 the electricity market has been fully liberalized for large and medium consumers with the entering of the balancing groups. This allows all entities to optimize their costs for electricity through the services of "Energy Supply" LTD. Choosing us as your electricity trader, we take all procedures lodged with the necessary documents and registration itself, while at the same time we guarantee security and reliability. We only need a notarized power of attorney, which will be provided to you by our colleagues.

The procedure takes about a month and a half, for which the client should not have current liabilities to their current dealer. It is important to clarify that you can freely choose your electricity trader, but the physical supplier always remains the same. The ownership of the network and responsibility for its maintenance is to the Distribution Company, depending on the spatial distribution. This means that your future invoices will be divided into two parts. The first part will include the obligations of active electricity excise tax and fee 'obligations to society "which will be invoices by the trader -" Energy Supply "LTD. The second half will include obligations to the Distribution Company for access and transmission to the electricity network.